• In the OCG, the first print runs of the Phantom Rage boxes, includes 1 Phantom Rage +1 Bonus Pack
  • Introduces new members/support for "Raidraptor", "The Phantom Knights", "Phantom Knights", "Xyz Dragon", "Xyz", "Rank-Up-Magic", "U.A.", "F.A.", "Nephthys", "Prank-Kids", "Penguin", "Phantasm", "Dark World", "Arcana Force", "Dogmatika", "Infernity", "Melffy", "Archfiend", "Noble Knight", "Fur Hire" and "Rebellion" archetypes, as well as Signature move and Infernoble Knight series.
  • Introduces the "Souten", "Tribrigade" and "Datascape Gate" archetypes for OCG/TCG.
  • Introduces the first support for "Datascape" archetype for OCG/TCG

Phantom Rage Booster Box